BotMore is working to combine AI powerd bots with IoT and workflow management.

BotMore is providing consultancy and development services to different sectors

What is Messaging BOT?

Message BOT is an artificial user in your messaging platforms which can automate your workflows or provide information you need without any specific instruction. Messaging BOTs can be used for different purposes such as e-commerce, mobile assistance, customer relation or operational management.

Messaging BOTs work on messaging platforms and create a new user interface layer on the application. Message BOTs can be smart, semi-smart and dummy. Smart BOTs use Artificial Intelligence, semi smart BOTs have algorithms learn your habits and makes wise suggestions and dummy BOTs automatize repeated actions. All those BOTs can simplify your professional and private life.

BOTs can create a relation with other BOTs and human. Using BOTs you can create easy workflows for your teams and decrease workload on them.

Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Slack, Skype, Google Home, Spark are some of the platforms BOTs can run on them.

As a partner of Gupshup which a omnichannel messaging BOT development platform, we are developing BOTs for different platforms according your workflow needs.

What is IoT?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of physical objects—devices, vehicles, buildings and other items—embedded with electronics, softwares, sensors, and network connectivity that enables these objects to collect and exchange data.

IoT is the new destructive technology we faced. Smart Home, Smart Car, Smart Work Site, Smart Office concepts carrying us to a new stage in our development process. Number of sensors using in devices are increasing while prices are going down. We are digitizing our lives and this change is creating new opportunities we have to catch.

Discrete systems cannot be a solution for the future. Software without integration with things around us will not satisfy users anymore.

Hence; we should start to create systems not only connecting people, but also digitalize workflows.

As a new paradigm, internet of things and the power of big data analysis will be our future which will minimize risk in our decisions.

In our project we are using Beacon technology as a ChatBot trigger to integrate business workflows with physical world.

What is BotMore?

Botmore provides not only AI powered ChatBots but also business logic experience for the company.

BotMore provides a new concept which carries messaging BOTs to physical world. In BotMore structure, we have three main domains, user (Human), messaging BOT and Beacon (Sensors). Relation between those main domains creates workflows.

Messaging BOTs triggered by Beacons can create productive shortcuts for users. When a user enters a room, the beacon in the room can trigger a message to the other user about the needs of first user and related information can be shared with related servise providers. Those examples can be increased. The most important point in BotMore concept is to create proper workflows in a user-friendly platform.

As explained above BotMore will work on messaging platforms and the platform will be connected with other systems such as CRM, ERP, Planning Software. Some BOTs on the BotMore system will just work for those integrations with 3rd party systems.

Our Project

BotMore project aims to increase productivity by optimizing business workflows.

In order to do that, we will create a an omnichannel startegy to create workflows using messaging BOTs, IoT gateways and user interactions.

Workflow will be modified by customers in BotMore interface. Customers will define triggers, workflow steps and relation between users, bots and beacons. After the completion of workflow modifications, BotMore service team will deploy ChatBots to customer’s chat platform and related preconfigured IoT devices will be send to the customer. At that stage customer just follows instructions for installation.

Advantages of the project are;

  • User friendly interface,
  • Pricing by workflow according to number of used IoT devices and bots,
  • Creating community for different industries,
  • Integration with ERP and CRM systems,
  • Easy workflow related IoT implementation,
  • Step by step development (You can start with only one workflow) - Low initial investment,
  • Decrease technology investment for Industry 4.0,
  • Easy implementation for medium-sized companies,
  • Community for different industries,
  • Different messaging platforms can be used such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Slack, Skype, Google Home, Spark etc.
  • Sectoral partner program (Partners will develop sectoral workflows on BotMore platform and sell on workflow market).

Our Strategy

BotMore will create an new AI powerd coworkers cobining ChatBots and IoT.
Our goal is to create a user-friendly platform for managers without any programming skill.
The platform will create an interface between the experience of the customer and digital capability of AI and IoT.

The project aims to expand IoT and chatbot usage amongst innovative mid-size companies. Workflow classification will be made as seen below;
  • General Workflows
    • Meeting
    • Security
    • Project Management
    • Sales Management
    • Social Networking
    • Coordination
    • General Corporate Management
    • Facility Management etc.
  • Sectoral Workflows
    • Construction Management
    • Factory Management
    • Design Management
    • Software Development
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Airport Management
    • Transportation
    • Logistics etc.

Those classifications will expand according to customer needs.
Geographically target area is US and Europe; hence, all user interface will be in English.

BotMore combines the power of IoT with the elasticity of messaging in a user friendly interface. Using BotMore, companies can create their workflows in digital era and easily integrate IoT and messaging apps.

BotMore as a cost effective and scalable solution gives opportunity to all size companies to create innovative technological solutions. On the other hand, it plays a connector role between not only messaging bots and IoT; but also, different enterprise solutions such as ERPs and CRMs.

BotMore promises independent solution to the companies, it can be used on different messaging apps according to decision of the customer. In this point of view, BotMore platform is not dependent to a single solution.

BotMore can be defined as a low-cost micro workflow digitalization tool.

Differentiation is the key factor for the BotMore project. Generally messaging BOT companies have been focusing on B2C area. Specially, e-commerce is the most attractive point for the messaging BOTs. In BotMore project, we focused on enterprise BOTs to optimize workflows. Hence, our business model will be B2B and target customers will be mid-size companies.

In enterprise environment, it is not easy to create innovation for big software companies. They generally move slowly. That why, it will be possible a niche product for B2B customers in low competition.

Our pricing strategy will depend on number of workflows created and this pricing model will provide low initial investment option for the customers.

Our Target Sectors

Our platform will be workflow centric; hence, the change in the company will be gradually.
This step by step process and easy customization will increase adaptability to the change.

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